9:00-9:30             Gathering and Coffee


Opening session / Chairperson: Yael Mandel Gutfreund

 9:30-9:40             Welcome Remarks

 9:40-10:30          Keynote Lecture 1: Lior Pachter (UC Berkeley):

                            What gene expression reveals about a person (and their biology)


10:30-11:00         Coffee


First Session: Protein interaction, recognition & engineering / Chairperson: Ron Unger

11:00-11:20         Mickey Kosloff (Haifa):

    Deciphering and re-designing interaction specificity between signaling proteins

11:20-11:40         Dana Reichman (HUJI):

                            A role of protein disorder in cellular stress response

11:40-12:00         Avraham Samson (BIU):

                            Elastic network normal modes reveal the GPCR activation mechanism

12:00-14:00         lunch & posters

13:40-14:00         Business meeting


Second Session: Genomes and Evolution / Chairperson: Edward Trifonov

14:00-14:20         Gal Chechik (BIU):

    Spatio-temporal patterns of the mammalian brain transcriptome

14:20-14:40         Itay Mayrose (TAU):

                            The evolutionary consequences of whole genome duplication

14:40-15:00         Idan Menashe (BGU):

    Co-expression profiling of autism genes in the mouse brain


15:00-15:50         Coffee & posters


Third Session:   Applications / Chairperson: Ron Pinter

15:50-16:10         Ido Bachelet (BIU):

                            Thought-controlled molecular robots in a living host

16:10-16:30         Avner Schlessinger (Mount Sinai School of Medicine):

    Computer-aided discovery of nutrient uptake modulators in reprogrammed cancer pathways

16:30-16:40         Hagit Alon (Prize4Life):

                            PRO-ACT: big data – the next step towards ALS cure


16:40-17:00         Coffee


Nobel Session / Chairperson: Joel Sussman

17:00-17:15         Poster prize Ceremony

17:15-17:20         Introduction

17:20-18:10         Keynote Lecture 2: Michael  Levitt (Stanford):

                            Birth and Future of Multi-Scale Modeling of Macromolecules

18:10-18:20         Concluding remarks

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