The symposium will take place at the "Wohl Center" located just outside of the Bar Ilan campus, see map. For Waze users (cell phone ONLY!), click here .

Getting to Bar-Ilan University by bus

From central train station 'Tel Aviv Merkaz': Line 64, 70
From Tel Aviv central bus station: Line 68, 69, 70, 168
From Jerusalem central bus station: Line 400

There will be a bus from Tel-Aviv Central train station to BIU at 08:15 and one back at 18:30. No need to register for the bus  first come, first in! 

There may also be a bus from Jerusalem. Please register to this bus in the following link: . For more details re this bus, please contact Dr. Ora Furman ( ).

Getting to Bar-Ilan University by car

Route 4 (Geha road):

Exit at 'Bar-Ilan' junction. Then, at first traffic light, turn left. DO NOT ENTER THE TUNNEL TO ROUTE 471. (If arriving from south, stay on right lane before getting to 'Aluf Sade' junction, then follow the signs to Bar Ilan.)

Route 6 (Rabin road):

Exit at 'Nachshonim' junction. Follow route 471, there are few traffic lights along the way. Follow the signs to Bar Ilan University.

DO NOT enter at the main campus entrance. Keep going along the road, unil you arrive to the Wohl center (on your right) and follow the signs to the parking. PARKING IS LIMITED!

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