Information for Postdocs - Faculty of Medicine



  1. A researcher interested in mentoring a postdoctoral fellow should apply to the Dean of Medicine, Prof. Karl Skorecki, at The application form should include the following information of the postdoctoral fellow:
  2. Following approval from the Dean, the postdoctoral fellow may proceed with the following steps. Keep the approval (and all the submitted documents) for later registration.

Getting Health Insurance

  1. Get yourself a health insurance. There is no obligation to work with a specific insurance provider. One option is to fill the form of Harel Yedidim and mail it to Einat Cohen at

Obtaining a student Visa

  1. Make sure that your passport expiration date is far away.
  2. Complete and sign the application form. Note, you may need an address in Israel. Henrietta Szold St. 8, Zefat.
  3. Prepare a physical and electronic copy of the following documents before contacting the closest embassy of Israel:
  4. Contact the closest embassy of Israel, ask for an appointment for A2 Visa and ask whether additional documents are needed. The embassy may indeed require for additional documents. e.g. residence permit (in case you are not living in your home country), hotel reservation, flight tickets, PhD diploma, work reference letter, etc.
  5. Pay the fee and attend the appointment. They will provide you with the information for the payment, the date and time of the appointment, and the list of documents that you must send in advance via e-mail (scanned). You will be asked to show the originals during the appointment.

Note: the visa is for one year starting the date of the appointment. It is therefore advised to make the appointment as close as possible to your arrival to Israel.

Extending your student Visa

See here.

Your first day in the Faculty

  1. Get yourself a local SIM card (you will need it for all the later steps). Here is one options:
    1. Digitali, Jerusalem St. 96, Phone: 04-699-9993.
    They sell prepaid SIM cards by 019 mobile. The SIM card costs 40NIS (one time), and a standard plan (including unlimited calls + 20GB data/month) costs 49NIS/month.
    It is possible to order a sim card online before coming to Israel, and then pick it up at the airport upon your arrival.
  2. Get yourself a bank account and a debit/credit card. Outside campus, you'll find a branch of Mizrahi Tefahot (bank code # is 20, and the branch code # is 562). Make sure to bring in your postdoc invitation letter, your passport, AND an ID card from a country where you are a citizen, and the number of your local phone. They may need the tax identification number or equivalent from the country where you pay your tax. They may later ask you to e-mail them a copy of the postdoc invitation letter.
  3. Fill out the three forms:
    1. Postdoctoral fellowship application form. (You should already have this)
    2. Registration form for postdocs.
    3. Policy for postdoctoral fellows.
  4. Submit them (along with your passport-sized photo, a photocopy of your passport, and a photocopy of the approval of your PhD degree) to Tova Hasidim.
  5. Ask your postdoc advisor to:

Your second week in the Faculty

  1. Go to the bank to pick up your debit/credit card.
  2. Go to Hadas Hasidim to pick up your student card, and to provide your bank details, so that you can receive your monthly scholarship.
  3. Contact Gershon Kunin to receive username+password for your BIU Email account.
  4. You can also connect to Bar-Ilan computer from home






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